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        New Debit / Credit Card Features


¨ Why is my current card being upgraded to an EMV card? It provides an extra level of security and conforms to the new microchip technology.

¨ How are these cards more secure?  The chip provides an additional level of authentication at the merchant.

¨ Can I use these cards for transactions that don’t require a microchip card?  Yes, these cards will still have a mag-stripe so you can continue to use it at ATMs and merchant terminals that do not have the chip technology.

¨ How do I use these new EMV cards?  If the ATM or merchant does not have a chip-enabled terminal you continue to use your EMV card as you would your current non-EMV card.  If the ATM or merchant does have a chip-enabled terminal, insert your EMV card chip-side up in the terminal and follow the instructions.  The card will remain in the terminal until completion of the transaction so be sure to take your card at the end of the transaction.

¨ When should I expect to receive my new card?  Credit cards will be issued as they expire starting later this year. 
At this time our debit card processor has not provided us with a rollout date.

¨ What if I want an EMV card before my current card expires?  After these cards become available, you will have the option to request a new EMV card prior to the expiration of your non-EMV card.  There will be a $10 fee for debit cards*, and a $10 fee for credit cards*. 

* Fees do NOT apply with your renewal card, only if you request one prior to expiration.